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Updated September 2021. First published December 2018 and I bet nothing has changed within this context.  These are non-partisan realities; past and present.

This site provides irrefutable, detailed proof of the U.S. State Department funding illegal drug running around the globe. They finance it through contractors, so that way, they can just publicly deny any allegations. They’ve been hiring the same contractors for decades, despite those contractors being caught many times doing the dirty work. This is money laundering, by the State Department, through its complicit contractors.

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This website is not meant to cover every detail of this topic. Mainly, what you can find here, is the result of a Freedom of Information Act probe I did, directed at the Office of Inspector General (OIG) for the U.S. State Department. The OIG is designed to audit and oversee the State Department. At the end of this site are some links, if you want to look more deeply into all this. Treat this website as a long news article on these issues.

Here are the links to the documents I received, from my State OIG FOIA probe. As you can see, the main, first response of email records is heavily redacted; they have lots to hide.

Please don’t think you need to read these very long documents though, because next I’ll point out the main conclusions, that I was able to come to, from the non-redacted portions.

U.S. State Department Office of Inspector General final response for Freedom of Information Act request number 2019-002, involving State Department contractors running drugs on a global scale, involving DynCorp etc.

An audit by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) involving the infamous DynCorp

Below on this page, I repeatedly cite these documents – Just so you know where the following information comes from.

DynCorp was founded in 1946 and has a long history of drug running around the world, as well as other horrid crimes, such as human and sex trafficking.

INL/A (The Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs Office of Aviation) is part of the State Department, and is supposed to fight narcotics around the globe. They do, but they also use their intelligence information and budget to facilitate the illicit drug trade, the world over. Here’s a quote from page 29 of records from the State Department OIG: “…we note that the Aviation Governing Board is not consistently informed of significant aviation operations…” and “…we found that INL/A was not consistently accounting for aircraft properly or disposing of assets properly.” That stinks of flying the drugs, who they are supposed to be eradicating, to cartels and eventually to the end users/addicts of drugs, all around the world (see below). Also, “…it is not doing well at increasing the host nations capability to take over aviation programs. I believe we identify $80,000,000 in questioned costs.” They are an international organization. They operate at air bases in Columbia, Peru, Panama, Iraq, Afghanistan, as well as in the U.S. at air bases in Washington DC, Florida, Alabama, and Arizona. INL/A, and sub-contractor DynCorp, are monopolizing the drug running all over the world!  They are truly a global crime syndicate. Plus, they are proven to be one in the same with DynCorp: See “INL contractor DynCorp” on page 6 of that document. Afghanistan, in particular, is where there are two interests of being there, officially against ISIS, and unofficially, the poppy fields. Afghanistan is the world’s capitol of feeding the opioid epidemic, with most of the world’s poppy harvest. These corrupt agencies and contractors operate there.

On May 10, 2018
Paul Cooksey emailed David Stewart, both these guys are of State OIG, and said, referring to an audit involving the INL/A on page 5, as mentioned in the above paragraph, “…if this ever comes up in senior staff…I thought this would be interest to you.” Both Paul and David are OIG senior staff, so they must have been talking about State Department senior staff. This shows that they don’t want their audit on the INL/A to come to light. It’s a case of the overseers running from who they oversee (State OIG running from their findings about the State Department). It’s a Den of Lions; they can’t even trust their own people.

SIGAR is Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (not the Inspector General for the State Department). The information on SIGAR is in the second, above-hosted document. They are caught here doing a publicity stunt with DynCorp, but in the process, and to a careful eye, they are actually helping DynCorp run drugs for the State Department. Here’s the key quote, on page 24: “During review of the requests for consent to subcontract that DynCorp submitted to the Contracting Officer, the auditor noted that certain representations were inadequately supported, including representations that the services provided by Alpha Omega [Services] were commercial and that Alpha Omega [Services] was selected through adequate price competition.” Alpha Omega Services is a sub-contractor of the notorious DynCorp. DynCorp would never employ a sub-contractor, before knowing it would be willing to do dirty work. They talk about non-commercial costs. What else would that be, other than something a) illegal, b) must be drugs because they are in that shady industry (Afghanistan and its poppies, plus DynCorp’s record of behavior).

This definitely shows further corruption in State Department contractors, and in this case the sub-contractor, Alpha Omega Services. See the following link for evidence of them fighting with the very questionable DynCorp. But even to fight with them, most likely shows intent to take over their illegal activities.
Click here to see this very convoluted court document if you like. It’s very cryptic, but I can definitely say, that DynCorp doesn’t get along well, even with its own sub-contractors, in this case Alpha Omega Services. Chaos is indicative of corruption!

SIGAR and DynCorp here are, as mentioned above, just doing a public relations stunt, costing tax-payers a lot of money, in order for them to get back $154.00. Even the tininess of that amount shows how they’re willing to spend a lot of money in order for a very small amount of money back – this has to be pulling the wool over the eyes, because why else would it be funded? And. Why would the State Department keep funding them, given DynCorp’s bad history? Complicit. Plus, I don’t think they even got the hundred fifty four dollars back! Ironic! It’s amazing how 31 pages of text can be written, with no real meaningful content, except to look formal, and prudent, which it isn’t!

Here is a telling quote from the SIGAR document, on page 3:
“The results of Crowe’s audit are in the attached report. We reviewed the report and related documentation. Our review, as differentiated from an audit in accordance with U.S. generally accepted government auditing standards, was not intended to enable us to express, and we do not express, an opinion on DynCorp’s Special Purpose Financial Statement. We also express no opinion on the effectiveness of DynCorp’s internal control or compliance with the contract, laws, and regulations. Crowe is responsible for the attached auditor’s report and the conclusions expressed in it. However, our review disclosed no instances where Crowe did not comply, in all material respects, with generally accepted government auditing standards issued by the Comptroller General of the United States.” They want to look thorough, but do next to nothing.

Crowe is the law firm who SIGAR contracted with to do this stunt. So the law firm Crowe, and especially the U.S. Government (USG), namely the Department of Defense, and more specifically the Army (ACC, which stands for Army Contracting Command), were all responsible for this bullshit. You can find all this throughout the SIGAR document.

“The auditors determined that DynCorp had taken adequate corrective action in response to the findings.” This shows that SIGAR is willing to let DynCorp off easy, because that whole investigation is just a smoke screen, enabling the continuation of drug running. And especially involving the poppies of Afghanistan. That’s where SIGAR is. Remember, SIGAR is Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction.

At the beginning of the SIGAR document it says: “Financial information contained in this report may be privileged. The restrictions of 18 USC 1905 should be considered before any information is released to the public.” This means that they really don’t want this report getting out. It may be meant for a laid back Congressional oversight committee, in order to legitimize DynCorp to them, and to continue lax oversight of the criminal enterprise these people are neck-deep in. They don’t want a careful eye to scrutinize it.

Going back to the OIG FOIA action document, on page 18, AAR is another dirty contractor, in competition with DynCorp, and getting the $10,000,000,000 aviation contract for drug running (and some eradication of drugs) around the world. When the State Department gave the contract to AAR, instead of DynCorp, DynCorp got pissed! DynCorp, even though their position could be called a monopoly, sued both AAR and the U.S. Government. DynCorp’s basis for these lawsuits was that AAR got intelligence on who works in the global drug running industry, and how much they were getting paid by DynCorp. This allowed AAR to make contact, and payments to key people, and by competing with DynCorp in this mess, offer the U.S. Government a cheaper contract with which to do the dirty work. Of course, these actual reasons were not specifically mentioned in court, but from a careful review of the information, it can be seen that’s the sordid reality.

AAR specifically got the personnel and salary inside information from a DynCorp sub-contractor called EAST (Eagle Aviation and Technology). You can find the references to that DynCorp sub-contractor, as well as lawsuits, on page 17, which has the story in an article titled “AAR Employee Solicited Rival’s Trade Secrets.”

Technically, AAR and EAST did violate the law, because they breached DynCorp’s Non-Disclosure Agreements it has with its employees. NDA’s are a method of corporate enslavement, because they treat employees as property that belong to the corporation. That prevents employees, with the information they possess, from disclosing it to any 3rd parties, in this case AAR. And AAR must have already known of some of the contacts, even if dirty, because they’re all in the same industry. So in that arena, AAR just took over the drug running instead of DynCorp! Dirty, but in a dirty industry, there’s dirt. For the EAST employee to sell information to AAR, and for State OIG etc to minimize their findings, it shows they’re all still complicit with what that information does. They should know better, and they do.

The State OIG and the State Department themselves panicked about this, because they let AAR get the contract away from DynCorp. When DynCorp sued AAR and the U.S. Government over this, nothing happened. I’m sure AAR took over drug running where DynCorp left off. AAR’s contact at DynCorp’s EAST, violated her NDA, but shouldn’t everything be honest and open? An industry of secrets has no honor. And this industry obviously has no honor; chaos.

Here are some quotes from the above OIG document, which show how worried the OIG and State Department were, about letting the NDA’s get broken. There are a lot of redactions, but it’s very clear they’re worried about breaking the law, when it comes to NDA’s, in an already-dark industry:

On July 5, 2018; page 13:
Emilia Disanto simply said “Is it gone?” to Sarah Breen, regarding the press getting a hold of the evidence of breaking NDA’s.
And on the same day, page 15: Steve Linick said to Sarah Breen, “How did the case closing memo fall into their hands in the first place?” The memo they speak of is a State OIG internal effort, which found the breach of NDA’s, and drug running, pages 38-41. There’s a lot of collusion on how to respond to the press getting a hold of this, and a lot of blacked-out redactions. The subject line of these emails, of worried State OIG people, reads: “…Press Inquiry… [regarding] Clarification on OIG Case Closing Memorandum… Case 1:16 cv 01704 LIB.” I’m sorry I wasn’t able to get email records directly from the leadership of the State Department, but their FOIA unit is bogged down by all the FOIA requests for the Hillary Clinton email records, from the 2016 election. So I was forced to go to their oversight organization, the State OIG.
Also on July 5, page 15: Sarah Breen sent Steve Linick: “We received the press inquiry…from a Law 360 reporter who has been asked by a lawyer to change a Feb. 2017 story involving one of our investigative case closing memos (that appears to come out of PACER). He wants to clarify some information. Is this something we can do?” You see, they are worried about even talking about what they found to anyone external (about the breaching of NDA’s and drug running). I include all this State OIG etc. anxiety because I want to show what a mess this whole group/industry is. Also, this shows a lawyer trying to rewrite history for the person who leaked the trade secrets to AAR from DynCorp/EAST. That person is scared, and wants to erase the truth, regarding the breach of her NDA.

PACER is “The PACER service provides on-line access to U.S. Appellate, District, and Bankruptcy court records and documents nationwide.” https://www.pacer.gov

Even Congress is worried about breaking NDA’s. On July 5, 2018, page 22, Michael Ryan emailed Steve Linick, Michael Mobbs, Sarah Breen and Emilia Disanto, saying “It appears to be the same CCM with PACER header that congressional staff inquired about last year.” CCM stands for Case Closing Memo, which is the one they’re trying to hide.

Also on July 5 and July 6, 2018, on pages 13-26, there were many other State OIG emails, trying to do damage control. Steve Linick again, emailing other State OIG personnel, said on page 22: “Thanks Mike! I would have thought our redactions would be more extensive!”

And here’s the whole main incriminating email, sent by Michael Mobbs to other staff, also sent on July 5, 2018, page 22: “I can answer how the reporter found this memo. It was in a PACER case file as an attachment to a document the USG (U.S. Government) filed regarding the DynCorp bid protest over the [State Department’s] award of the WASS [Worldwide Aviation Support Services] contract to AAR. At the USAA’s request, we provided a redacted version of the memo to be used as the attachment to the court filing [they were trying to interfere with court proceedings regarding these NDA’s being broken, because they got a cheaper contract with AAR]. Our redactions were more extensive and more thorough than what the USAA filed. The USAA just arbitrarily decided to make his own redacted version and used that instead of ours. We learned he had done so after he had already filed it. We complained but there was nothing we could do at that point.” Michael Mobbs is General Counsel to the State OIG.

It’s damage control to the max!

On pages 38-41 again, you can find quite a lot of detail regarding the “Case Closing Memorandum” involving DynCorp, AAR, EAST, INL/A, and the contested contract to AAR instead of DynCorp. I have to say, there can’t be any worse than DynCorp. So AAR getting the contract is just a little bit of fresh air, but probably not much.

If you want to read more about these State OIG individuals, see the following pages:
Steve Linick
Emilia Disanto
Paul Cooksey
David Stewart
Sarah Breen
Michael Mobbs
And here is an organizational chart, hosted by State OIG, which has some of these people in it.

On page 18, you can see a bit more detail about how DynCorp sued AAR, even after losing the “counter”-narcotics contract, but employed a stalling tactic, which enabled DynCorp “to receive tens of millions of dollars each month under ‘bridge contracts’.” So even after losing the dirty contract to AAR, DynCorp used every means they had to get millions more.

Again, in the memo on pages 38-41, there are references to the Procurement Integrity Act being violated, even though there’s nothing wrong with breaking it. That Act treats real people as just property of corporations and government, and furthermore, they are sworn to secrecy. However, I am reasonably sure the details of “procurement integrity” are violated frequently. Here is a good reference for that Act.

All the money spent by these organizations can’t be just for eradicating drugs, that’s got to be for drug running in-part, with profits from it getting kicked back to the U.S. government compartmentalized cartels. Who in the government is going to pay billions to simply eradicate drugs with no profits?

How high up does this go? Here’s a quote that shows it goes as high as the Office of the President: “Michael R. Pompeo was sworn in as the 70th U.S. Secretary of State on April 26, 2018. The Secretary of State, appointed by the President with the advice and consent of the Senate, is the President’s chief foreign affairs adviser.” Furthermore, Pompeo used to be Director of the CIA! Another horrible organization.

Here are some links that may be of interest to you:

Kathryn Bolkovac speaking out about the atrocities of DynCorp.
DynCorp isn’t even good to their own people.

Here is a good movie clip tying drug running to the Clintons.  Pompeo is the Secretary of State for the timeline covered by this website.  But Hillary was Secretary of State as well.  It just shows how questionable these people are.

Part 2:

A second release of information, through the FOIA from State OIG, from this same time period.

Click here for the whole release. This release it’s all about Iraq, not Afghanistan

So here is your guide to this most recent release. If you like, open the file, read through the emails, and follow along with my notes here:

pg 4
once again, the overseers run from those they oversee
“Keep on top of this! [Diplomatic Security] is pissed at us…should have been classified….we don’t want to mess up”

So Diplomatic Security (a subsidiary of the State Department) is pissed at OIG (who is supposed to be the conscientious overseers) for making it known that Diplomatic Security abuses Triple Canopy personnel. Well, who works for whom exactly, follow the money

pg 6
too chaotic over there to stick to plans

pg 7
they only care about a person filling two roles at once, and how did that rule get there? must have been single people overloaded with extra tasks
pg 7
they care more for dogs than people
pg 7
protective service vs static security
the people being protected by protective service don’t want to disclose what they’re doing, where to go etc, because they are secretive and not open and honest, otherwise they could detail their activities and movements

about pg 9
they don’t even care about their own people
state dept doesn’t give a shit about people working for triple canopy!
they just want their control and enslavement of others
and so when triple canopy demands work done, and THEN makes approval (backwards), those employees are just very tired and depressed, having to do it all again the next day

Basically a wild card on how much work to force their employees to do. Until they unionize, or otherwise organize a force/power over their employer, they are slaves – the extra work time approved or not After the work has been done, wild card.

Add in working on mandatory days off too

What would happen if they don’t approve work already done? Just a rubber stamp without teeth nor impact? Slap on the wrist? I think someone in an email expressed confusion to these policies, so not everyone is corrupt.

pg 83
Monetary accomplishments
It’s starting to get sickening

Also pg 83
Capturing these monetary results
They want to get paid off for their silence in a position of oversight, authority

pg 83
capturing moneys
they expose people, which is usually right, but then demand they get all of those people’s money
I suppose it’s like suing
except they have no damages
it seems that captured money should go to the people that were hurt by the irresponsibility of the U.S.
not the overseers who never shed any blood
they should get a small piece, but not all of it; that money belongs to those hurt

pg 85
“Congressional tactic”
Obvious agreement

pg 88
Letting them know they’re in on it, clear to proceed
…to contractors, slush

pg 89
Scoping to see how much light is on the potential transition. See if they can slip it through.

pg 91
Free money
Tax dollars
Spread it around
Multiple entities
Laundered, hard to follow

pg 91 again
Why the extra step?
Probably one reason, harder to follow the people, and the money

“Also did work with DoD IG…”
So they are friends of state OIG
More likely to cover each other’s asses, why else mention that?

pg 95
Long document but might reveal some corruption if they have the courage
Or, like I said, covering ass
Interesting how a few words in an email can be more revealing than many pages of “formal” audit documents

Occupation withdrawn?
Maybe just consolidating power after the initial pillage
And still making that money, laundering, covering each others asses

pg 108
The reduced presence endangered personnel
The state department doesn’t give a shit about their own people over there.
Den of lions, no ethics, no morals, just money, screwing over anyone for it, not to mention the people of Iraq, who never even get mentioned, other than demonizing those who fight the U.S. occupation

It really gets sickening reading all this corruption
It becomes normal
It makes you lose faith

pg 135
Soldiers take an oath, not always followed, but an oath
Civilians and government are there to make money

pg 179
Hired guns who take oaths vs hired guns who worship money
Yes pg 169
Did not reduce contractors
pg 169
Reduced political positions by 42%
Shows the lack of regard for diplomacy and the transition to money, guns, contractors
And like I said, consolidated power.

They needed a lot of diplomats and related, initially, to make it look legit, but once that illusion is used to grab everything, they are no longer needed.

“And provided there’s still chaos in the Middle East:”

The demonizing of Zarqawi to shift blame from U.S. occupiers to instead breed nation-internal hatred, pitting the Shia and Sunni against each other again. Civil war, while the manipulators quietly go to the bank.

Please check out this incredible documentary:


As you can see here, “All protesters are unanimous regarding the origins of ISIL. The monster was born from the American occupation.” Multiple quotes from that documentary (and I’m sure you can find elsewhere) implicate the American invasion, which then fractured into violent entities that were American-funded, but not seen as American distinctly.

Here is a beautiful quote from that documentary:

“This is the ISIL flag. It has nothing to do with Islam. This is what they can expect. We’ll destroy them! Here is what I do to their imaginary state! The whole region was in ISIL hands. It was their base. But we beat them. Soon, they’ll no longer exist in Iraq. Nor in other Arab countries now in the whole world. Our promise to you is to get rid of them. Here Sunnis and Shias are united. We’re all brothers. Christians too. One single Iraq! They tried to divide us, but that’s over now. God willing, we’ll always be united now.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if ISIS is CIA.
“Arms diverted to the Middle East black market; many sold to ISIS”

pg 186
They want to know if there’s any light illuminating their terrain, because they prefer to operate in darkness.

I think the reason the government of Iraq does not allow controlled substance pain medications into their country for the purposes of injured United States military personnel and their money laundering contractors, is because they know the U.S. is an invader and does not care for the Iraqi People.

True enemies are the factions that fight for domination, fear, control.

ISIS guarantees that Iraq remains in civil war so the population does not have the time to realize true enemies

Why are 100 acres of Bagdad occupied by 5500 Americans, if the U.S. just wants to help?

Sell all sides weapons, and keep them high on drugs you sell them, because they’ll be so miserable from the difficulties and horrors of war.

Plus, the drugs keep people dumbed down, so they aren’t able to see the larger picture, the conspiracy they are pawns in.

I invite you to look to Amazon Prime for many documentaries and movies about this shit. And see what you can dig up with plain old Google.

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